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Limited Warrior Retreat Dustjacket Hardcover

Limited Warrior Retreat Dustjacket Hardcover

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A limited edition run of The Warrior Retreat. Hardcover edition with dust jacket. Each copy is signed, and individually numbered out of 50 total copies. This edition will only be sold on my website, and will never be sold again once sold out. In addition to the book, a limited edition fridge magnet, and dog tags will be included, both exclusive to this edition. Dog Tags are based on a character from the book, they ARE NOT generic.

IF YOU WANT THIS PERSONALIZED IN A CERTAIN WAY, please specify or it will be signed to the name on the order.

For some servicemen and women, coming home means the end of war. But for the Marines of Weapons Company, it's not so simple. Sometimes, the war follows you home.

After the suicide of a fellow brother in arms, Marine turned veteran advocate, Marcus Simpson, organizes a weekend getaway through a Nonprofit agency.

Marcus has seen too much to allow another brother to become a statistic. He knows that one weekend isn't enough, but maybe if he can get through to them, he can convince them to seek professional help.

But what happens when a man's mind has been broken beyond repair?

What happens at...