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The Conservator’s Collection triple signed bundle

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The Conservator’s Collection triple signed bundle

The Conservator's Collection bundle with a bookplate signed by all three authors, High Explosive Horror Bloody Stake button, High Explosive Horror bloody stake circle sticker, and collectible Maniac of D Block bookmark!

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Immortal. Undying. The Conservator of Horror…

Hidden within dusty shelves are tomes made of human flesh, Blood-soaked pages reveal tales once thought to be lost but now revealed for the first time by The Conservator.

He spent decades collecting and preserving forgotten lore. Now, he’s decided to unveil three of the best legends culled from the darkness.

The tone is set with John Durgin’s Blank Space, a vicious story that introduces Helen Crowe, an entity not easily forgotten.

Jay Bower’s Eyebiters Revenge follows a group of friends hoping to invoke the spirits of the dead in an abandoned school, only to find something even more sinister.

The Conservator ends with John Lynch’s brutal tale, Expiration of Sentence. The darkness of a prison hides a horrific evil where no one is safe.

Bringing together three nightmares for a special collection, The Conservator awaits your presence.